Sheneka Adams has long been the object of certain men's affections lust, making a career out of staring seductively into cameras while wearing very little clothing in popular videos from Drake, Bow Wow and Soulja Boy. Adams can now add victim of a sex tape scandal to her resume after someone leaked an intimate video of Adams pleasuring herself (reportedly with former boyfriend Soulja Boy, though he is not in the video). Let's not ignore that this is a pretty low move from whoever released the tape, but what's most surprising is that Adams is catching more flack for her lack of waxing rather than the existence of the video itself. (A basic Twitter search will reveal the very NSFW criticisms of the style she rocks in the video. Everybody relax, bikini waxes aren't cheap.) Despite all the fuss, Adams is taking today's news in stride. There's no such thing as bad press, make lemonade out of lemons, etc.

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There are plenty of successful female (and male) celebrities who can credit their success to past "accidentally leaked" intimate videos. (So many, that we as the public probably shouldn't even bat an eyelash with news of a tape like this.) And as for the plethora of hair down there, perhaps she's just starting a trend? Only salon appointment books and future razor sales will tell.