Are you ready for a large dose of good old Southern charm?

Well, ready or not, it’s on its way, as Hollywood Hillbillies hits your TV screens tonight.

The new Reelz show, starring Hollywood heavyweight and respected talent manager, David Weintraub, follows the lives of a “Southern-fried family” as they take on Tinseltown… and it promises to be a sure fire hit.

Before the show even airs its pretty much guaranteed to be a success—Weintraub has been involved in a plethora of reality TV hits during his career to date, including, Sons of Hollywood, Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, Sex Rehab and Extreme Food Sculptors—so take that into account... along with the HUGE personalities involved in Hollywood Hillbillies (including YouTube sensation 'Angry Ginger Kid' AKA Michael Kitrell) and it’s a no brainer.

Hollywood Hillbillies hits TV screens tonight on Reelz


Popdust sat down with Weintraub and Hollywood Hillbillies matriarch, Mema to get a sneak peek into the lives behind the show.

Popdust: What was the biggest culture shock of moving to California?

Mema: Food! I’m a southern cook and I like southern cooking… every damn thing out there is diet! I’m not trying to lose weight! I want to eat! You know what my doctor said? You know, I’m a diabetic and he said, ‘you know Delores we need you to lose weight,’ and I said, ‘you know.. I need to change doctors!’ I don’t want to go on a diet.. I’m trying to gain weight! You have to really work at it, from daylight to dark! Eat, eat, eat!

David Weintraub: We have some pretty crazy food on the show… We have some amazing meals.. We took them to the best of the best restaurants in LA—we went to all the great steakhouses, all the best sushi bars, but, remember that place you took me to down town Mema?

Mema: Oh yes, they had some really good fried chicken! It’s the only place they serve sweet tea! And I love sweet tea!

Hollywood Hillbillies stars Mema and Michael have grown very close to talent manager David Weintraub


Popdust: Who are your favorite Hollywood stars.. who would you like to hang out with?

Mema: Jack Nicholson! I love Jack Nicholson! And, I don’t know where Barbara Streisand lives, or Cher…I like them too.. but, I’m crazy about Jack Nicholson! I think he can do anything…and, you know Barbara Streisand and Cher, they’ve been round for many, many years and they’ve had hits all that time.. for years they’ve been having hits.

Popdust: Who is your least favorite? Who would you hate to be stuck in the elevator with?

Mema: Oh dear, who can I say? I don’t know, I haven’t met a star I don’t like! I mean, I can’t think of anybody that I don’t like, you know..I could talk to anybody in the elevator and I do!! I talk to everybody in the elevator and when they start to get off on their floor, I say, ‘you sure you don’t want to come all the way up?!!’


Popdust: Are you worried that fame and fortune will change you?

Mema: Oh no hon, nothing will change me! That’s why I haven’t hired a manager yet…nothing can change me.. and I’m just, I want to see if we get a second season, and before I even look at that… and, we love David, he’s really helped my grandson Michael, and Michael’s really crazy about him and we really enjoyed working with him, he’s a nice guy and I love his mom!

David Weintraub: They’re definitely like family to me. Through this journey .. because Michael was my first experiment into the viral world, you know, Michael had hundreds of millions of hits on the internet—we wanted to go down that road and we really succeeded with him in the show. I mean, you’re going to see some stuff that’s going to shock you. I mean, we really tested out to see what Michael’s skills were going to be and once we figured out what he was good at, he immediately got a crazy deal to work in that field. We don’t want to give away too many details of what happens later in the show, but he really came through. I mean, he really performed, really well… it was kind of a crazy journey to get there, but once we got there, it was the real deal.

Weintraub has been involved in a string of Hollywood hits, including Celebrity Rehab, Sober House and Sons of Hollywood


Popdust: What’s the first thing you’re going to splurge on when you strike it rich?

Mema: I’m gonna re-build my deck. I’m not really one who wants a whole lot, I’ll never move from this house, even if I get to be a millionaire..which I’m sure i won’t! But I will never move from this house, I’ll just do some repairs on it. I didn’t have heat in this house till I got this show! So, I’ve got heat in my house now, I had a hot water heater put in…I was really in a mess until I got this show.. David and Reelz have been very good to us.

David Weintraub: We love Mema and the whole family and that’s why we’re excited about this show. I mean, besides the show, I’m just happy for the family and all the success they’re going to have. I think everybody’s going to love this crazy journey that you get to watch us go on together.

Hollywood Hillbillies premieres tonight, Tuesday January 21st  at 9pm (E/PT) on Reelz

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