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Meet The Man Who Hasn’t Bathed For 60 Years, Smokes Pipe Filled With Animal Feces

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To say Amou Haji lives an unconventional life would be a massive understatement.

The 80-year-old, who chooses to live a nomadic and solitary life in Southern Iran, hasn’t bathed in sixty years, believing “cleanliness brings him sickness” according to the Tehran Times.

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Adding to his unusual lifestyle Haji says his favorite food is rotten, dead porcupine and he smokes a pipe packed with animal feces.

Think that’s a little off?

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Well, while it may well be by modern, Western standards, Haji is likely happier than many who live more conventional, consuming obsessed lives..

In fact, he says its his lack of belongings and attachments that actually make him happy.

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