Not to say that the Pussycat Dolls are anonymous and manufactured (though of course they are and will readily tell you such upon even the most casual of introductions), but here's a list of members past, present and (for at least a little while) future:

Carmit Bachar

Lauren Bennett

Vanessa Curry

Erica Kiehl Jenkins

Ashley Roberts

Chrystina Sayers

Nicole Scherzinger

Jessica Sutta

Melody Thornton

Paula van Oppen

K. Now separate those into the six members who used to be Pussycat Dolls, and the five who are currently PCD members. Here's a hint: If you thought they were a Pussycat Doll up until about a week ago, they are now in the "ex-PCD" category—the group has recently experienced a complete turnover, with svengali Robert Antin planning on introducing the new members via a classy, dignified commercial to debut during the Super Bowl.

You can probably get Nicole Scherzinger being part of the old guard, given her post-PCD fame for having a failed solo career and getting booted from a reality show, and maybe Lauren Bennett being part of the new crew do to the fact that you didn't read any "Lauren Bennett Was One of the Pussycat Dolls, By the Way" articles when she (technically) topped the charts as part of LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" last summer. If you can get more than two others in either group without making some lucky guesses, you either read way too much Us Magazine or you probably think "Stickwitu" was really, really underrated. (It kinda was, though, wasn't it? Mariah Carey probably would've killed for that song back in 2005.)

Anyway, answers below for the morbidly curious. Gooooooooo DADDY!!!!!

Old Cats (Dates Courtesy of Wikipedia):

Carmit Bachar (2001–2008)

Jessica Sutta (2002–2010)

Ashley Roberts (2002–2010)

Kimberly Wyatt (2002–2010)

Melody Thornton (2003–2010)

Nicole Scherzinger (2003–2010)

New Cats:

Lauren Bennett (Paradiso Girls / "Party Rock Anthem")

Vanessa Curry (Laker Girl)

Erica Kiehl Jenkins (Cowboys Cheerleader)

Chrystina Sayers (Girlicious)

Paula van Oppen (So You Think You Can Dance)