From "Spaceship" to "ET," Kanye has long let his fascination with outer space be known in his music. Apparently that fascination extends to futuristic '60s cartoon The Jetsons, the series of which is getting an upcoming film adaptation, which Kanye hinted at being involved with during his crazy Twitter deluge a couple nights back. Turns out, the hint might have been legit. Film producer Denise Di Novi talked about having a "fun brainstorming conversation" with 'Yeezy over the film project. “He reached out and said he’s a huge Jetsons fan,” said Di Novi. “He was interested in creatively brainstorming what we were doing with the movie and what ideas he might have. It was a really friendly, preliminary conversation.”

Of course, this isn't exactly a written commitment of involvement just yet. "He was going to think about it more and see if he got inspired visually...He’s a very visual artist," said Di Novi. Fingers crossed, anyway—a Kanye-brainstormed Jetsons movie would be must-watch viewing for all fans of artist, cartoon, and general insanity. "Jigga, get me off of this crazy thing!"