Mel B Doesn't Understand What A Lesbian Is, Needs To Buy A Dictionary

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Mel B is clearly very confused about what a lesbian is, judging by her comments in a recent interview.

The former Spice Girl appeared on Alan's Carr: Chatty Man and proceeded to explain that although she has had relationships with women, she was merely a straight woman who liked other women.

"Yeah. I was one of those for a few years," Mel said. When asked if she considers herself to be gay, Mel responded with "I would not call it that. I was just one of those ladies. Now I'm happily married."

So, let's just think about this for a second. Mel B claims to be one of "those ladies" who have full on romantic and sexual RELATIONSHIPS with other women - I believe the term for "those ladies" is a lesbian???

Because it's a little tricky to reconcile being a totally straight woman with the fact you've had relationships with other women... right?

At best she is bisexual, at worst she is completely and utterly in denial about her sexuality and, quite frankly, insulting to gay people everywhere.

"Those women", indeed!

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