Melanie Martinez's 'Carousel' Music Video Is Terrific Horror—Watch Now!

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It's as if Melanie Martinez's harrowing brand of indie-pop is ripped straight out of American Horror Story. Of course, her latest single "Carousel" is the featured track for one of Freak Show's hyped-up promos and is lifted from her debut Dollhouse EP. After she demonstrated her knack for haunting, searing lyrics on The Voice in 2012, she was swooped up in a record deal with Atlantic Records. Fortunately, for her, her creativity has not been stifled, as seen in her brand new, horrific "Carousel" music video.

Set in a carnival, the budding, wide-eyed talent traipses through the popping lights and nightmarish landscape. At the core, the song is about a former relationship, as you "go round and round like a horse on a carousel." But the resulting clip is chilling, and the singer ultimately becomes a victim of the fun and bound to that mechanical ride. She loses her dinner (which is pink, by the way), and when the lights go out, she realizes it was just a tormented vision of her imagination.

"Carousel" follows her debut single "Dollhouse," which possesses a similarly-constructed dark commentary on celebrity.

On her new music, she had previously shared with Popdust, "I think the thing with all my songs is I wanted to have the same element: a little kid. I call my music ‘a heavy child.’ It’d be like a genre, with a heavy beat but with a children’s music box in the background — really weird stuff like that.”

“It’s all inspired off my childhood, little things that remind me of that time. I love carousels and always have. I just wanted to write a song about it and turn it into this really sad love story. It’s like me and someone that I’m in love with on a carousel. I’m behind them, and it just spins and spins. You can never reach the person because you’re glued to the carousel and can’t move. That’s what I felt in one of my relationships. So, I wrote a song about it in that way.”

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