Meryl Streep Plays Donald Trump — Resemblance Is Uncanny

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Meryl Streep took on the role of a lifetime last night at the 2016 Public Theater Gala at Delacorte Theater in New York.

She's done the Queen, she's done Margaret Thatcher, she's even done Emmeline Pankhurst, but the Meryl Streep plays Donald Trump parody was the best of the lot.

The three time Oscar winner's likeness to The Donald was uncanny.  She climbed into a fat suit, painted herself orange and even managed to replicate the laughing stock US presidential hopeful's legendary hair.

She added his traditional over-sized dark suit and ridiculously long red tie and joined Tony winner and The Good Wife star Christine Baranski,  who played the presumptive Democratic Party presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton on stage for a rendition of Cole Porter's Brush Up Your Shakespeare. 

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The song from the musical Kiss Me Kate (based on Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew) is usually sung by male gangsters advising men on how to charm the ladies, and was styled in the form of a presidential debate. It was a perfect choice of song, given Trump's sexist attitude towards women and Hillary's attempt to become the first female President.

Trump/Streep asked;

"You'll let me know, why all the women say no"

Which in itself is hilarious given Trump's ego would never see him undergo a second of introspection. Clinton/Baranski replied;

"Brush up your Shakespeare and the women you will wow.

Just declaim a few lines from Othello, and they'll think you're a hell of a fella."

We all know it's would to take a HELL of a lot more than quoting a few lines of Shakespeare but I guess you have to start somewhere.

At lease we know that if (shudder) Trump gets elected, there's a stand-in we can send overseas to represent the United States of America, cos a woman in orange make up, a wig and a fat suit will still be taken more seriously than President Trump.


Meryl Streep plays Donald it here;




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