Mesmerizing Video Gives Glimpse Of Everyday Life In Pyongyang, North Korea

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Known as one of the most closed-off countries in the world, North Korea is infamously private and secretive—despite Dennis Rodman recently gaining access to the inner sanctum.

A mesmerizing new Vimeo video gives better insight than even the flamboyant former NBA player’s ramblings as it offers viewers a rare glimpse of everyday life inside Pyongyang, the hidden capital city of the communist dictatorship.

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Enter Pyongyang was created by British photographer Rob Whitworth and city branding expert JT Singh, to blend time-lapse photography, acceleration, slow motion, HD and digital animation over four days of filming.

Rather than creating stereotype images of an oppressed society, the result is a beautiful flowing video showing stunning scenery and intimate shots of urban life.

Whitworth told the Huffington Post that their level of access to the city—during the trip that was organized by Beijing-based Koryo Tours, who also paid for all their travel expenses—had never been provided to a foreign film crew before.

Good Morning Pyongyang! Video Offers Eery Glimpse At Everyday Life Inside North Korea

It was not without restrictions, however, and the crew were not allowed to crop images of North Korea’s leaders or film construction and military sites. It's worth noting also that the film crew was only provided with a sugar coated, regime approved view of the country that, obviously, did not provide them with anywhere near the full story.

However, despite the filming restrictions, Whitworth said their visit to Pyongyang was "beguiling."

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"It was so different from the ground up," he said. "For example, the lack of advertising really makes you aware of how completely saturated we are with it in the West.

The country's culture struck me as very reserved and polite. Despite an evident lack of resources, the people were very dignified."

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