The video for Method Man's "World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids)" begins with the Wu-Tang member going off on his friends when a hard-t0-open bag of candy sprays sugar all over his white shirt ("Son, you cannot be serious right now!"). And with that, friends, we're definitely not in Shaolin anymore.

Meth wrote the track for a new Sour Patch Kids' promotion, and while we understand the likely lucrative reward that exists in exchange for jotting down a few words and heading to set for a day or two—cash rules everything around me—it's hard to pair lyrics like "This is where candy attacks" and something about a "poop faced grin" and its accompanying hand gesture, with the ferocity contained within Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). Or even How High. And what about the parental warning at the beginning? It's Sour Patch Kids, not Kidz Bop. As an advertising campaign this also confuses, because not everyone wants to eat candy that has opposable thumbs and can do something close to the dougie. And yet the M&M's conversation is a tale as old as time.