Michael Bolton Just Wants The Lonely Island To Love Jack Sparrow As Much As He Does


While Tina Fey returned to the stage that made her a household name and Ellie Goulding performed fresh off her gig at Buckingham Palace, let's not forget about the secretly hilarious Michael Bolton's appearance on SNL this weekend. In the newest digital short, the crooner joins Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island boys in the studio, totally pumped to record the "big, sexy hook" he recently whipped up for them after binging on a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. Now with a suave fourth member of their crew in tow, the guys head to the club and try to impress some ladies with their smooth rhymes, before Bolton breaks into his Johnny Depp-inspired chorus ("This is the tale of Captain Jack Sparrow/Pirates so brave on the Seven Seas"). And once he starts, he just can't stop gushing about his love for iconic movie characters. Watch Bolton embody Johnny Depp, Forrest Gump and even don drag to channel Erin Brockovich, in the video below.

That was kind of weird awesome, but we're back in the club. "Jack Sparrow" is featured on The Lonely Island's new album Turtleneck & Chain, out Tuesday. Who knew that Bolton was such a major cinephile?

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