Rihanna does better on the singles charts than the album charts. We've said it before, and the numbers back it up, but it bears reiterating now that she's been beaten on the Billboard 200 by not only Nickelback but Michael Buble too.

Billboard's making a big deal about how close this is--Buble's Christmas album (or album Christmas, either way works) sold about 227,000, while Nickelback's album sold a lower number that's still pretty much about 227,000. Meanwhile, Talk That Talk only sold 197,000. Damn you, holiday music and scourges of Detroit! Yes, both have fanbases who (wildly generalizing here) tend to buy more albums than singles. But still, it's a stat that anti-stans are sure to cite misleadingly for years to come.

Elsewhere on the charts: Drake's Take Care sold 173,000 and falls 1-4--if stans needs a stat, that makes two albums featuring Rihanna in the top four! That might work, right? Mary J. Blige's album My Life II: The Journey Continues, Act I is at No. 5 with 156,000 sold, Justin Bieber's Christmas album Under the Mistletoe actually sold more this week (142,000), for obvious reasons, but still fell to No. 6; and Daughtry's album Break the Spell debuted at No. 8 with 129,000. So basically, the album charts are full of Christmas, Rihanna and nu-grunge. Sounds about right.