PREMIERE | Michelle Lewis Gets Vulnerable in 'All That's Left'

Elegant, Graceful Pop Music with Folk Tinctures


From Boston, but presently hanging out in L.A., singer-songwriter Michelle Lewis drops her third studio album October 19.

Entitled All That's Left, the album is comprised of 10-tracks that explore a vast array of emotions: mourning, regret, guilt, compassion, and the glow of love. Lewis' sound fuses pop and folk into something that's best described as "graceful pop," elegant, rhythmic music with a pop luster.

Michelle Lewis – Push On (Official Music Video)

Educated at Berklee College of Music, Lewis rarely strums her guitar, instead plucking with all five fingers. She dropped her first album, This Time Around, in 2004, that was followed by two EPs, Broken and Paris. Her second album, The Parts Of Us That Still Remain, was released in 2014. Lewis will be touring Europe and the U.S. in support of All That's Left.

Standout tracks on the album include "That's What They Say," a gorgeous soft pop tune reminiscent of Jewel and Christina Perri. Sparkling and smooth, the surfaces of the music mirror pop-lite colors. "Push On," co-written by Robby Hecht, rides a deliciously light pop melody pulsing with an undulating, alluring rhythm.

On Springsteen's "Dancing In The Dark," Lewis delivers a measured, delicate rendition full of lingering hues, drifting but intensely declarative. As the song progresses, the synths swell with blooming energy, infusing the music with emotional urgency.

The song "How," is my personal favorite, a tune gleaming with tender desire. On the chorus, Lewis' voice assumes glorious sonority, like a solitary angel petitioning the Divine. It's a clear, sweet voice rife with luscious resonance.

All That's Left dazzles.

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