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Michi's "Still Feel U" Is a Dreamy Ode to Desire

The North Hollywood indie pop act's second single is a groovy exploration of her sound and a promising next step for the new artist.

Ozzy Vidrio

"What you think about me? / Want me kill all my identities I had before?" Michi croons in "Still Feel U."

"Still Feel U" is the follow-up project to North Hollywood native's Michelle Guerrero's debut "Catch a Feeling. Her solo projects have offered enticing dream-pop trips with an acerbic edge. But her newest track is less floaty than its predecessor, with a deliberate funk lurking under an indie pop shine. Produced even-handedly by friend and collaborator, Jacob Munk, "Still Feel U" has a moody groove to it. The song is still awash in misty synth work, but a disco-flecked bass and Michi's crisp vocals deliver a new, arresting side of Michi's sound.

The track itself is an ode to desire, but it's not some sweet recollection; it's about coming down from desire like a high: "You got me on the run again / You got me hiding from the sun." The dreaminess of Michi's sound perfectly captures yearning for old loves. Nostalgia and pain get all tied up in knots in a less-than-three minute track. It's an exciting offering from Michi, a new talent who's still fitting herself into the unexplored corners of her genre.

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