Miguel's "Adorn" is a simple slow jam, well-timed for this time of February, so naturally it's gotten an understated video to match. It also matches his album title, Art Dealer Chic: Vol. 1: there is a painting, an abstract one that people are probably already making into a Rorschach for love or the female form (it works) or something, and Miguel wants to adore it and/or adorn his space with it--now you get the double meaning, right? So he stares, and the colors stare right back; he stretches out his voice, and the painting stretches out over the screen, and this metaphor's becoming too apt so we'll stop.

One other thing, though: check out the close-ups of his mouth timed to the falsetto, too; effective, yes? ("212" did the same thing, subbing falsetto for wordsmithing.)