When there's a tragedy, sometimes you just need to get your feelings out.

Just like the rest of us, musicians have been emotionally affected by Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, and many of them, surely, are still muddling through with the kind of vague grief that's been clouding our lives since then. But along the way, they've got the talent and perspective to channel those feelings into art.

Leading the way is singer/songwriter Mike Posner, who on Sunday released his own musical tribute to the victims of the shooting. The song, "Heaven," is a spare acoustic ballad, with Posner unveiling an androgynous croon for the occasion. "Maybe this will make sense in heaven," the "Boyfriend" songwriter murmurs, "Because right now it don't make sense at all."

Posner posted the song's dedication on his Instagram account:

To the victims' families:

I hope this song will help just a tiny, tiny bit to ease the pain of your loss.

Maybe this will make sense in heaven.

Listen to "Heaven" at Sunset in the Rear View.