Miley Changes Mind About Quitting Twitter, Decides to Let Her Music Do the Talking

In case you were wondering, Miley Cyrus is not calling off her marriage to Liam Hemsworth. Apparently this was a thing that was being reported yesterday (damn you, January Jones!), but Miley seems to think it's not true, and she's probably know, so we tend to believe her. She tweeted the following yesterday in response to the rumors:

Ah yes, the Twitter hiatus. Often a good idea for celebrities, but for better or worse, it never seems to last all that long. In Miley's case, it lasted for less than a full afternoon, as eventually, Miley realized she didn't have to get people to stop talking about her by avoiding social media—she could just let her music do the work for her:

Sounds good to us. But uh, speaking of...are we gonna get that new music anytime soon? We haven't gotten anything new from Miley since 2010, and though we've heard a lot about this upcoming album's collaborators and what it's supposed to sound like and whatnot, we still haven't actually heard anything from it yet. C'mon, Miley. Give us something to shut us up already.

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