Protip for pop stars: When you write about your ex in a song, even if you think you're doing it super-obliquely, they're probably going to figure it out. Such was the case with John Mayer and Taylor Swift's "Dear John" (although no cookie for Mayer on spotting that one) and now that's the case with the recently-engaged Miley Cyrus and her ex Nick Jonas' new song "Wedding Bells."

As the "Party in the USA" singer told Ryan Seacrest:

 I don't know who else is getting married. ... So I feel like that's pretty blatant, it's whatever.

To be fair, with lines like "I don’t want to love, if it’s not you / I don’t want to hear the wedding bells bloom / Maybe we can try one last time / But I don’t want to hear the wedding bells chime,” the youngest Jonas boy is hardly being subtle about his feelings. Add the line about their anniversary falling "11 nights into June" to the fact that Jonas met Cyrus on June 11, 2006, and things are getting a little too awkward and emotional for us, like if at the end of The Graduate Elaine Robinson had just ignored Benjamin and gone through with her wedding to the other guy.

Miley, though, is taking her ex's embarrassing public pleading in stride. As she told Seacrest:

You can't ever hate on someone for writing about something you've been through. I think that you kind of get a fair warning when you date an artist and someone that's a writer. When you're going through things that you're going to end up hearing about it on the radio.

Way to stay classy, Cyrus.