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Miley Cyrus Has Given Up Swearing!

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Miley Cyrus Swearing

Miley Cyrus is overjoyed that she and Liam Hemsworth are back together and she has vowed to not let him slip through her finger this time around!

So the naked posing, twerking, pan sexual, dildo-sucking, super star is dialing her outrageous antics waaaaaaaay back!

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A source close to the super star tells Popdust exclusively;

“She’s kind of going back to her roots. She was raised as a proper southern belle. Both her mom and grandmother were pageant queens, so believe it or not, acting like a proper lady comes pretty naturally to Miley.”

Liam’s family was anti-Miley mainly because her hyper sexual, party girl antics. So lowered hemlines, less make- up, and a sanitized pout are the order of the day. "She's courting his family, she's courting Chris' wife, she’s doing everything she can to make sure Chris’ camp is in her corner. It's really cute- instead of saying the 'S' word, she'll say 'sugar' or instead of the 'F' word she'll say 'fudge.’ Liam's like, ‘My family doesn't care about that! They're Australian!’”

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Thankfully, Miley’s enthusiasm is not unreturned.

“Liam is just as crazy about Miley as she is about him and he’s willing to see his part and make sure he doesn’t repeat past mistakes.

From his end, he recognizes that he was maybe a bit too conservative and too concerned with what his family thought, so now he's trying to come into their relationship with a more open mind."

So that’s it? No more suggestively protruding tongue, naked pictures, or humping aging pop stars?

“Don’t get it twisted—she’s still going to be Miley, but instead of being a ten on the super freak scale, she’s toning it down to like a seven!”

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So far so good. On the weekend of January 17, Miley was spotted moving her stuff into Liam’s Malibu pad.

So fudgin’ sweet.

Miley Cyrus Swearing

Miley Cyrus Swearing

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