Miley Cyrus Indulges In Decidedly X-Rated X-Mas And Birthday Spree

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Miley Cyrus celebrated her 22nd birthday with a penis-shaped bucking bronco, and for X-Mas, she played the party of a horny Santa Claus, stuffing her sac with X-Rated gifts for all her friends, and hopefully none of her family members!

A source revealed:

"Miley bought a whole load of sex toys, including Sexcereal, a breakfast cereal that's supposed to boost your libido, nipple suckers and a boob luge - a life-size pair of breasts that you drink booze out of.

"She even picked up some Foria oil for enhancing orgasms and sexual appetite."

“Foria is a marijuana based lube! Miley is obsessed with it. She says it makes her orgasms insane and she wants all her friends to experience it. Sex and marijuana are two of Miley’s great passions, so she’s thrilled there’s a new way to combine them!”

For her birthday she threw herself a Happyland-themed birthday party at Factory Nightclub in West Hollywood,

The walls were covered in sex toys and cannabis leaves that would light up.

The insider added to The Sun newspaper: "When one shopper approached her she just joked that she's a very generous gift giver."

And while Miley boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger’s mother does not approve of Miley, his pal Cody Simpson swears Patrick is the real party animal.

"We met through a friend's party and stuff, he's such a blast. He's a good bloke."

Asked who parties the hardest, he added:

"Honestly, Pat. Every time I see him we have such a good time."



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