Miley Cyrus is Appearing in Dubstep Music Videos Now

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Back when Hannah Montana first premiered in 2006, which would have been less likely thing for Miley Cyrus to be doing six years later: getting married, or starring in dubstep videos? (Probably the latter, because dubstep didn't even really exist yet, but it's still close!)

But it's 2012 and now Miley Cyrus is indeed doing both of those things. We think we have a pretty good idea why she's engaged, but frankly we're stumped as to why she's appearing alongside Israeli dubstep DJ Borgore on his new song "Decisions." The song itself is kind of blegh (again, why is Miley Cyrus the hook girl?) but the video ... well, let's just say there is a lot to process.

First Borgore enters a club with an entourage of little people.

Then there's a stuffed fox. (Chaos reigns!)

Then Borgore steals one of the cakes from the "Birthday Song" video. Bad Borgore!

At this point in the video he acquires a pet goat.

And he walks past this cake. Is that supposed to be Clinton? Nixon? Reagan?

There are strippers too, of course.

This is when Miley Cyrus shows up.

This is when Miley Cyrus makes out with a dude in a horse mask.

From here on out, the video just descends into an orgy of cake-smashing:

Things get messy.

And then at the end they run away and got married? Not sure; it's very confusing. We have no idea what anything in this video means, but we still wouldn't mind hanging out in it for a while. That chocolate cake looks damn tasty.

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