Miley Cyrus' Latest Tattoo Is In a Really, Really Painful Spot

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We've got to hand—er—foot it to Miley Cyrus for her latest tattoo.

The recently single "Wrecking Ball" singer flaunted her latest bit of ink (#10, if you're a numbers guy) on her Instagram: a foot tattoo that says "ROLLING $TONE" in honor of her recent cover story with the magazine.



Now, in doing a bit of research, we've gleaned that the foot is among the more painful inking areas due to the high number of nerve endings. (Think about how uncomfortable it is when they take the scrubber to the bottom of your feet during a pedicure and multiply it by like a trillion.) Miley reportedly "[hates] needles", so we can only imagine what her tattoo artist—a "bald guy named Mojo"—had to deal with.

She may not be able to walk for a while, but you luckily don't need to use your feet to roll around on a bed sticking your tongue out!


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