When the upcoming Amnesty International-curated tribute album to Bob Dylan was first revealed, we were pretty sure that Ke$ha would end up being the most ridiculous artist on the roster. Perhaps not—Miley Cyrus, teenaged pop purveyor and noted lover of classic rock covers has since  announced her own involvement on the project. The Dylan song she's doing is not yet known, though we're gonna take an educated guess and say "Lay Lady Lay"—it's country-ish, and it should give Miley plenty of opportunities for over-dramatization.

We're hoping that as the balance on this Dylan covers album continues to shift from credible singer-songwritery types to goofy female dance-pop stars, that eventually Amnesty International will do the right thing and turn the whole project into You're a Big Girl Now: An All-Female Dance-Pop Tribute to Bob Dylan. Demi Lovato doing "Hurricane"! Dev doing "Positively 4th Street"! Rebecca Black doing "Motorpsycho Nitemare"! Come on, we can see Adele and My friggin' Morning Jacket doing Dylan just about any day of the week. Let's be innovators here.