Miley Cyrus Makes The Most Of A Movie Called "LOL"

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Yes, we know LOL was the title of a French film, which means we can't exactly make the comment we wanted to make about Miley Cyrus continuing the Lindsay Lohan tradition of teen-movie characters named Lola. (It's more common over there. It just proves that questionable movie titles know no geographic boundaries; in the trailer, the movie's title isn't pronounced "ell-oh-ell," "loll," or out-loud laughter. It just isn't pronounced. When your trailer feels the need to demurely not mention its title--the entire point of a trailer--there are problems.

Oh, right, the rest of the trailer. From all indications, it's a standard teens-and-their-families comedy, festooned with pink graphics and sweetened with parallel mother-daughter storylines about finding love and moving on then finding love. Miley Cyrus returns to her roots playing a teenager, and there's only one obvious clunker of a line ("I can't love him, but I do! I feel so real with him.") There's also lots of laughter. Maybe that's what counts as the title drop?

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