Their interest piqued by Kate Winslet's secret marriage to a man named Ned Rocknroll, eagle-eyed fans are on the alert for any other celebrities who may have attempted to hide their nuptials from the prying eyes of Hollywood gossips, and Thursday morning these sleuths hit upon a fresh new target: Miley Cyrus, whose Christmas Instagrams show curious hardware on the ring fingers of herself and fiancee Liam Hemsworth. Did the couple put a covert end to their six-month engagement?

Let's examine the evidence. Take a look at Hemsworth's left hand in this cheery holiday shot:

And now on Cyrus' left hand:

Is that not just the engagement ring? That's what we thought, but after examining these pictures from June we're not so sure:

The ring in the Christmas photos appears to be much larger and ornate than Cyrus' engagement ring, but is that just the angle? We've run the images through our CSI-style Zoom-and-Enhance feature for a closer look:

What do you think? Is it the same ring or not? Right now the happy couple exists in an odd state of Schrodinger's Matrimony, where they must be considered both single and married at the same time. Our congratulations on the (possibly) married couple!