Miley Cyrus is really starting to confuse us.

Cyrus has been keeping herself busy on the press and social circuits to promote her so-far-so-awesome new single "We Can't Stop." "This should provide ample distraction from her broken engagement!" thought we. Well, as evidenced from an interview with Hot 99.5 this morning, Miley's engagement ain't as broken as we'd assumed.

When pressed about TMZ-induced rumors surrounding a possible flirtation with a certain Justin Bieber, Cyrus fired back, "I'm engaged! I'm engaged. That is impossible." Say whaaaa? We like the way she twerks it—no diggity—but we are not a fan of this back-and-forth.

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On Amanda Bynes' Miley-centric Twitter rants: "I think it's all so sad that I don't wanna add any fuel to that fire...I was rooting for a comeback until she started talking to me."

In conclusion, Miley is still engaged, and it's not to Justin Bieber. Or Amanda Bynes.