The pesky musician-actor epidemic continues. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Miley Cyrus will star and produce a currently untitled "God-themed" film. (To be fair, we guess she was technically an actress-musician first.) Keeping things in the family as always, the project will also also be produced by Cyrus' mom Tish, through Hope Town Entertainment, and Andrew Panay, responsible for the endlessly quotable Wedding Crashers (good sign!) and the utterly forgettable When In Rome (bad sign). Details are scant at the moment, but the film is said to involve a character's "broken promise" to God. Often an impromptu pundit and an unofficial spokesperson for the gays (move over, Gaga), Cyrus has made her thoughts on marriage equality public via her Twitter account and choices in body art. So what happens if her character in the film has religious views that derail the teachings she's so generously bestowed upon her followers? Hunger strike, definitely a hunger strike. After free speech and self-mutilation, it's the only way. Plus, we're sure Miley's well read on that Gandhi dude.

Lest her recent performances have clouded your memory of her acting ability, reintroduce yourself to her endless range, below.