Liam Hemsworth Wants Miley Cyrus To Dump Her BFF—Flaming Lips Singer Wayne Coyne

Because they party like, well, like rock stars.

Miley Cyrus Wayne Coyne friendship causing problems with Liam Hemsworth

Remember that song from the 90s, She Don't Use Jelly?

The guy had a really whiney voice and the lyrics were, like "She don't use jelly or any of these, she uses Va-a-as-aline?"

Anyway, the band was the Flaming Lips and the lead singer, Wayne Coyne is 55 and he's Miley Cyrus' BFF.

Although maybe not for very much longer if her boyfriend/possible fiancé Liam Hemsworth has anything to say about it.

A source close to the couple tells Popdust exclusively:

Liam is putting his foot down because he's convinced that Wayne is a bad influence on Miley.
All they do is party.
If Miley hangs out with Wayne they drink for like 12 straight hours and when it's over she's hung over in bed for days.

Miley assures Liam that her relationship with Wayne is strictly professional and there is nothing shady going on.

But the source says trust is not the issue here.

Wayne has a hot girlfriend named Katy Weaver.
She always acts like Liam is being paranoid and jealous, but Liam trusts Miley not to cheat.
That's not what it's about.

Wayne and Miley got super chummy after they collaborated on her 2015 album Dead Petz.

In 2015, Wayne explained to the Huffington Post why he's just so enamored with Miley:

She's always going 1000 miles an hour.
Working with Miley Cyrus, I mean, you get to run into a lot of people, you get to run into people that you'd never ever get to run into.
Even hang around Kanye West or something ...
But I don't know if I would like to be collaborating on the level that we are with Cyrus with anybody else.

But the source says Wayne likes Miley just as much for her party ethic:

That's what kind of drives their creativity.
They drink like fish and smoke blunt after blunt and then 'make music.'
Liam is considering making Miley the mother of his children, so he does not appreciate her partying until 6 AM with some dude.

Get over it or get a new girl Liam.


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