Twitter exploded last night with teens and recent ex-teens sobbing over their lost innocence at the news of Brenda Song, the 23-year-old actress best known for playing heiress London Tipton on the Disney Channel's Suite Life of Zack and Cody, expecting her first child. Seemingly just moments after a similar announcement came from one-time Disney compatriot Hillary Duff, the news was almost too much for a nation raised on the network's programming to bear. "Brenda Song's pregnant. Hilary Duff's pregnant. Zack & Cody have graduated. Miley revealed her secret," read a representative tweet from user DaBieberGummy. "Yup. Childhood's officially over."

And the young male miscreant responsible for this tragic development? None other than Trace Cyrus, singer/guitarist in rock/pop group Metro Station and brother to fellow Disney alum Miley Cyrus. The duo are unmarried, and the fact that they were in a relationship at all was unbeknownedst to many, adding to the awe and horror of the whole affair. (Not to mention that Brenda Song happens to be a very pretty young lady while Trace Cyrus is, uh, rather unconventional looking.)

Still, as shellshocked as everyone is responding to this news, you'd think that nobody saw Song's distinctly adult turn in The Social Network. Nothing lasts forever, kids.