You know, back in our day, we would have been grateful to have LL Cool J as a substitute teacher, rather than the usual assortment of no-fun senior citizens and clueless forty-somethings too incompetent to hold down a full-time gig. But if there's one thing it's impossible to teach the kids, it's perspective. So Mindless Behavior and Diggy Simmons turn LL Cool J's planned lesson on world geography into an excuse for them to evaluate teenage members of the opposite sex from around the Western hemisphere, then to get in a dance number or two themselves, and eventually hold an entire gym assembly devoted solely to them. (If ever there was a video that actually called for a "Wow, that was a crazy daydream" twist...but no, this one really happened, apparently.)

Worst of all—wearing sunglasses in class, the ultimate show of disrespect. Mrs. Lerario would never have let us get away with that.