Mindless Behavior Sneaks Out To Say "Hello"

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It's a normal day in the world of Mindless Behavior's Prodigy: basketball in the park, a little late afternoon sunshine, getting grounded by Tisha Campbell. Despite his mother's strong ability to freak out, the young buck can't resist a good house party with friends—especially one promoted on a flyer—nor the opportunity for "talking on another level" with his girl. Gross? The group's latest video "Hello" takes us back to those irresponsible years spent sneaking out of the house and risking annihilation by our parents, just for a few hours with our crush. And like all half-baked teenage schemes, the kids get momentarily busted by an angry dad who needs reassurance that no overeager males made it to his baby girl's bedroom. While too much of this video brings back the haunting memories of disappointing our parents and running through the woods (not in that order) there are several impressive body rolls to be admired, which should send Mindless Behavior supporters into a frenzy.

To all those MB fans that are currently at home on punishment: Popdust does not endorse the practice of "sneaking out." Listen to your parents! Besides, being grounded just gives you more opportunity to watch Mindless Behavior videos over and over. Watch below.

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