Korean quartet miss A (or as I like to call them, miss A-mazing) have wrapped up promotions for their girl power hit, "I Don't Need a Man", after only five weeks to head back into the studio to work on their next album. Although they say that they haven't finalized their next single or concept just yet, they're pretty certain about one thing: it's gonna be sexy.

Although our promotions ended disappointingly early for us, we’ll return soon with an even better next album," the group revealed. "In two months, [member] Suzy becomes an adult. We’re planning something involving a powerful, sexy performance.”

Pulling off a sexy style isn't exactly going to be a big stretch for miss A. Their 2010 debut single, "Bad Girl, Good Girl," saw the group lashing out at slut-shaming men who were intimidated by their provocative dance moves and skimpy fashion, and they wore barely-there dresses made of bandages in the music video for their hit "Touch." Okay, so they aren't exactly the Pussycat Dolls or Pam Anderson, but in the often conservative world of K-pop, they're certainly one of the edgier acts out there. And judging by their recent comments, it looks like the girls are really ready to amp up their sex appeal now that the highly sought-after Suzy (second from left in the photo above) is about to turn 19—the legal age in South Korea. Considering Suzy's status as one of the most popular beauties in K-pop, I'm guessing that miss A's next comeback might just be their most anticipated yet.

Watch out, HyunA: your days as K-pop's top sexpot may be numbered.