Miss A Heat Up The Stage With Sexy "Hush" Performances

After toning down the sex appeal on last year's "I Don't Need a Man," miss A have returned to their signature sexy style for their new single, "Hush." We've been in love with the sensual dance-pop jam since it dropped earlier this week, but we're also just as infatuated with the live performances.

miss A are seriously hot stuff, and they've never looked better than they do right now. Also, seeing them perform reminds us that they're actually a group of real dancers, as opposed to simply singers that also happen to dance. The sharp way that they execute their moves on stage puts them head and shoulders above many other Korean girl groups when it comes to choreography. The only weak spot is Suzy --the member with the least amount of training-- but considering that she's probably the most popular female idol in Korea today and is generally also considered to be the most beautiful, she can get away with being less refined than her bandmates.

"Hush" is currently performing decently on the K-pop digital charts, but the new Taeyang single, "RINGA LINGA," recently overtook it. Hopefully that's just a temporary glitch, because there's really no doubt about who has the better song between miss A's sophisticated dance-pop and Taeyang's heard-it-all-before YG hip-pop.