Missy Elliott Dominates iTunes Following Record-Breaking Super Bowl Performance

NBC pulled in a record 118.5 million viewers for Sunday's Super Bowl halftime show, and one person reaping the benefits from the blockbuster ratings is Missy Elliott.

The rapper joined headliner Katy Perry on stage yesterday for a three-song medley of some of her classic hits, which has resulted in the usual post-Super Bowl sales surge that all performers receive.

Missy currently has two songs in the iTunes top five, with Work It at No. 4 followed by Get Ur Freak On at No. 5. Her Ciara collaboration Lose Control is just a couple of spots lower at No. 7, while Gossip Folks --which she didn't even perform-- is at No. 99.

Missy's songs are actually charting much higher than Katy's, with Roar being the Prism diva's highest at No. 21, followed by Firework at No. 30, Dark Horse at No. 34, and I Kissed A Girl at No. 77.

However, Perry is performing much better on the albums chart, with all four of her studio albums in the iTunes top twenty (Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection is the highest at No. 5).

Many of Perry's fans are probably too young to even know who Missy Elliott is, so the Super Bowl halftime show would've essentially introduced Missy's music to millions of people for the first time.

Hopefully the rapper can take advantage of the renewed interest in her music by announcing a comeback album, because it's been WAY  too long since we had some new Missy music.

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