Missy Elliott Hits The Studio With Pharrell Williams

It looks like Missy Elliott wasn't just blowing smoke up all our asses when she said that she was FINALLY going to start working on her next album.

The 43-year-old rapper hit the studio with Pharrell Williams this week. She tweeted a photo of the pair straight from their recording session earlier today, referring to the hitmaker as her "fam."

The pair previously worked together on the wacky Neptunes-produced On & On from Missy's last studio album, 2005's The Cookbook.

Missy's also reunited with regular collaborator Timbaland, which is just further proof that her comeback album is going to be FREAKIN' AMAZING.

Now let's all pray that things stay on track so that we can hopefully get some new Missy music by Christmas. It's already been way too long!

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