Missy Elliott's Insane Super Bowl Weight Loss Explained!

The New England Patriots may have won the Super Bowl, but there was only one superstar at the half time show - Missy Elliott.

From the second she hit the stage she managed to 1) totally eclipse Katy Perry, who really shouldn't have picked someone THAT much more talented as her guest and 2) wow us with her fucking amaaaazing physique.

Missy has been sensibly losing weight for years now, according to the star:

"Didn't lose 70 pounds. That was during my 'Under Construction' album," she tweeted back in October. "This time I lost 30 eating healthy/work out to @ShaunTFitness T25 videos. I do the Insanity workout. Sweets/bread/ fried foods is my weakness. It’s not easy but health comes 1st :)"

The rapper has also had to be extra-careful of her health due to her battle with Graves disease, an immune system disorder.

"Anybody that has Graves disease, you feel like you finna be outta here," she said on SiriusXM's Sway in the Morning in October 2012. "And for me when you say you gotta take a radiation pill you think you really finna be outta here. You know, like what do I really have?" Elliott told the radio show she experienced a number of physical changes. "And you gotta go through seeing my eyes change, and your hair fall out, your skin change. For me that was traumatic."

Judging by her appearance and performance last night, Missy is taking very good care of herself - please please PLEASE give us a new album soon!

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