Mitski's New Single "Cop Car" Takes No Prisoners

The queen of cowboys ascends to an even higher echelon.


Mitski's been quiet lately, but no longer.

Over the past few months, the indie star went dark on social media, ended her relentless touring schedule, and gave no hints as to when (or if) her next project would emerge.

With the single "Cop Car," she's burst back onto the airwaves with a vengeance. It sounds like she's been bottling up emotions for months, and now they're forcing their way out in the form of screaming guitars and growling feedback.

The Key

Mitski has actually been performing "Cop Car"at shows for years, but this is its first official release. It's also the last installment from the soundtrack for the horror film The Turning, Floria Sigismondi's adaptation of The Turn of the Screw. So far, the soundtrack has featured Courtney Love, Soccer Mommy, Kali Uchis, Vagabon, Warpaint, girl in red, Kim Gordon, Cherry Glazerr, the Aubreys, and other indie greats.

Soundtrack producer Lawrence Rothman specifically contacted Mitski for the feature. "There is a pinnacle scene where Kate's mind starts to unravel while in her car and we needed a cinematic but grunge influenced song shadowing the scene," he said. "I reached out to Mitski to see if she wanted to get involved as Floria and I had a feeling she would deliver a song that was guitar-based but cinematic. 'Cop Car' went beyond what we imagined and we were ecstatic when she sent it to us!"

"Cop Car" definitely sounds like a mind unraveling. "I will never die," Mitski repeats at the song's climax, before concluding, "I've preemptively blocked all the exits. So I will burn in this movie theater." It's a blistering excavation of trauma or loss or a breakup or some twisted combination of the three.

The Turning and its soundtrack will debut this Friday, January 24th.