The Ultimate Moisture Hack For All Busy Dudes

The Ultimate Moisture Hack For All Busy Dudes

Up until recently, I was the kind of guy who didn’t take the time to research every last product I used. From my soap to my lotion, I’d just grab the first thing on the bottom shelf I could find.

However, now that winter’s here, I’ve noticed that my skin’s really irritated and dry.

My girlfriend says my generic drugstore lotion is lame. But, hey, it’s been my go-to for years. Could that really be the issue?

Later that night, I went online to see just what was actually in my lotion. Much to my surprise – not Kim’s – it’s loaded with parabens and irritative ingredients. But then I stumbled upon Dr. Squatch, which has zero harsh ingredients. Dr. Squatch is a men’s personal wellness brand with a wide range of natural products, including soaps and lotions with awesome scents.

I was stoked that this brand tailors all of its products to men. Plus, I wouldn’t smell like a flower all day like when I used my girlfriends. That being said, I did wonder if it’s truly different from all the stuff that’s in my bathroom.

Dr. Squatch has 3 lotions that are specifically designed with men’s skin in mind. So, they're made with a lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs quickly. Their lotions feature a blend of natural moisturizers and nutrients like Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil that soothe and hydrate, helping skin stay healthy and strong all day long.

Kim immediately told me to check out Dr. Squatch’s lotions. And honestly, who can say no to their girlfriend? I decided to take the chance and ordered all three scents.

And get this, they’re all amazing:

She was so right. It was the generic drugstore lotion that caused my skin’s dryness and irritation. After a few days with Dr. Squatch, I could see and - more importantly - feel a difference.

BONUS: The subscription model eliminates wandering about the drugstore’s aisles upon aisles of products. Now I don’t have to take time out of my busy day to shop. I simply click which lotion I want and add to cart. I subscribe so I save.

This lotion is hands-down worth the price for that level of convenience.

If you’re looking to level up your moisture game without ineffective products packed with harsh ingredients, you need to check out Dr. Squatch!

Find Your Perfect Scent With Dr. Squatch Today!

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