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MoMA PS1 Is Throwing A Holiday Party For the Ages


The Museum of Modern Art's Queens-based branch, MoMA PS1, is bringing together the likes of legendary performance artist Marina Abramaović and contemporary pop art alchemist Jeff Koons under one roof. The context? A holiday party for the ages.

MoMA PS1's Night At the Museum Holiday Party, besides being hosted by the glitterati of the contemporary art world, will feature the venue's iconic VW dome re-designed as a giant snow globe. Attendees at this pop-up bacchanal, which is open to the public for only $15, will also get the privilege of experiencing the museum after-hours.

Late night affairs at museums, especially at MoMA, are renown for being intimate spaces, and for drawing in the true art lovers. There are few things cooler than going to a large gallery at 3:30 AM to watch the closing of an exhibition, and MoMA hasn't done an after-hours event of this scale since the acclaimed cut-outs of Henri Matisse went on tour. The sparseness of the gallery crowd, the reverence for the's the kind of situation that can only happen at a museum after the doors are closed to the general public.

What does this mean for the New York City art junkies and party fiends? If you can afford it, go. If you can't afford it, splurge. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to let loose, surround yourself with great art and artists, and truly enjoy the impending holidays after a year that has been nothing less than exhausting. In the wise words of Tom Haverford: Treat. Yo. Self.

Make the trek to Long Island City; you won't find another party this season where you can rub shoulders with the same woman who walked half the Great Wall of China to break up with her lover while buzzed on spiked hot chocolate.

Tickets to MoMA PS1's Holiday Party are still available—get one while you still can.

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