Jay-Z is pretty discerning with his guest appearances these days, so when he shows up on a new song, you can bet that every lyric in his verse(s) is gonna be pored over and analyzed like a coded radio transmission from the hip-hop mothership. And that's not just devout hip-hop heads—even major businesses and corporations tend to take note of a new Jigga feature, lest it somehow have bearing on the stock market (you can never be too careful with these things).

This is likely how a somewhat innocuous lyric from Jay's appearance on Rick Ross' "3 Kings"—"Used to shop at TJ Maxx back in '83 / I don't even know if it was open then"—caught the attention of the referenced company's Twitter account:

Well then. That's all we need to know about that, isn't it? Now, to see if Robin Williams has corrected him about his non-Golden-Globe-winning performance in Dead Poets Society.