Popdust Monday Mix #1: Take it easy

Music writers E.R. and Vanessa have curated a playlist of chill tunes to ease you back into the week

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It's Monday. You dragged yourself out of bed, you had your coffee, you cursed out the sun on your commute into the city. The beginning of the week is always the hardest, and Popdust knows that. That's why we revived our Spotify account; every Monday, we'll be releasing a mix of tunes to help you get through the week. For our first #MondayMix, our music writers E.R. Pulgar and Vanessa Bermudez have curated a playlist filled with the best indie, R&B, folk, and pop to get help you ease into Monday, no matter what you're doing.

Take it easy, and don't forget to tune in next week for another #MondayMix.

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