Popdust MONDAY MIX #17 | Fourth of July

PLAYLIST | Our music writers curate the soundtrack to your Independence Day weekend

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The Fourth of July means something different for everyone, and that means playlists of every kind.

The holiday conjures several of enjoyable cookie-cutter scenarios: cleaning the grill, calling up your friends to see who's game for a barbecue, grilling meat and vegetables in the weaning afternoon sun, laughter, long drives, fireworks. For those of us in big cities going back home to visit our families, that means planes, trains, and buses over the long weekend, the promise of our old lives, the small comforts of home. For others, family is exactly where they are, whether biological or otherwise.

All of this aside, there are fewer holidays as conflicting as the Fourth of July. With the happy memories of barbecues, lounging by the pool, and taking a long weekend also lie underlying issues of whether we're celebrating something worth celebrating. Back when we were still a British colony, declaring independence must have been enormous and freeing. Finally, after so long, we were alone and able to carve out our own destiny.

We're now as inter-connected as ever, and we can't escape the image of the U.S. becoming the great colonial power they attempted to break away from. This isn't something that a lot of people would spend the Fourth of July thinking about; for most of us, that's not what it's about. Back to the barbecues, family time, lazy afternoons of respite. Then there are those of us who don't have anyone to go back to, and that's 100% okay. The emotions and the rest that the Fourth of July has come to be associated with, the long rest after a big bargain finally closed back in 1774 applies to every single person.

Our Fourth of July is about giving yourself much-needed rest, and whether or not that involves other people or grilling steak, it's your call. We've curated a playlist for your Fourth featuring new tracks from Lorde, SZA, and St. Vincent, we also mix this up with some very on-the-nose songs about the season (Sufjan Stevens and Lana Del Rey fans, rejoice).

You can focus on relaxing in the sun, whether alone of with other people, whether with steak or cauliflowers slowly roasting in the background; we've got you covered on the music front.

Tune in next week for a new #MondayMix.


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