Money Monday—How Much Is Brandon Jenner Really Worth?

Money Monday—How Much Is Brandon Jenner Really Worth?

Caitlyn Jenner’s 34-year old son may not be as rich or as famous as her step-kids, but Brandon Jenner is still doing just fine.

He’s the more conservative of the clan and isn’t on reality TV nearly as often as his step-siblings or even his younger brother, Brody. Yes, he’s been seen on KUWTK and was once a “star” of the reality show, The Princes of Malibu (did anyone actually watch this show?), but generally, Brandon’s not much into the reality thing. But how does he make his dough? Here’s the scoop…

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The Richest considers Brandon to be an actor, TV personality, and a singer. He is ½ of the indie musical group Brandon and Leah—Leah Felder-Jenner doubling as his wife in holy matrimony. Celebrity Net Worth calls Jenner a music producer as well as a musician. Certainly he makes a good living making music with the Mrs.

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Let’s remember the Jenner-Kardashians bring in the big bucks from their reality show. Brandon can take home thousands just for appearing for a few measly minutes per episode. Considering most would pay to hang around with the Kardashian sisters, getting paid anything at all is pretty sweet.

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Let’s hope Brandon and Leah continue on making great music and Brandon can rely on his passion for his paychecks. That’s music to our ears!

Brandon Jenner is nowhere near in the same league as his famous siblings, he's worth $1 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Hey Kimmie, can you spare a buck?



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