Mongolian Teenage Girl Hunts With Golden Eagle, Blows Our Mind

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Meet Ashol Pan, a 13-year-old eagle huntress in Han Gohadok, Mongolia.

The daughter of an experienced eagle hunter, Ashol allowed photographer Asher Svidensky to take her picture as part of his project on young hunters in Ulgii.

This resulted in some of the most beautiful, inspiring and moving pictures we have ever seen.

"She was perfect. I was amazed by her comfort and ease as she began handling the grand eagle for the first time in her life. She was fearlessly carrying it on her hand and caressing it somewhat joyfully," Asher wrote.

Here is what Ashol's father told Asher about his daughter taking a non-traditional route and becoming a hunter:

“Up until two years ago my eldest son was the successor of the eagle hunting tradition in our family. Alas, two years ago he was drafted to the army, and he’s now an officer, so he probably won’t be back with the tradition. It’s been a while since I started thinking about training her instead of him, but I wouldn't dare do it unless she asks me to do it, and if she will? Next year you will come to the eagle festival and see her riding with the eagle in my place.”

Please visit Asher's website to hear more of Ashol's story!

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