Mook Boy's "Juvy" and the Cash Me Ousside 'hacking' scandal

Is the "Cash Me Ousside" girl struggling to stay relevant?

In a story that broke this morning, Danielle Bregoli (of 'Cash me ousside' fame) seemingly had her Instagram feed hacked by rapper Mook Boy, who used it to premiere his track "Juvy."

If you're not familiar with Bregoli, her fifteen minutes of fame happened in January, when a video of her saying "Cash me ousside, howbow dah" on Dr. Phil went viral and became a meme. Bregoli embraced her meme-fame, leveraging it into a clothing line, another appearance on Dr. Phil, and 7.5 million Instagram followers. Orlando-based rapper Mook Boy wanted to use her fans to boost his own profile, and seemingly hacked her Insta to post his track "Juvy."

Give "Juvy" a listen here:

The video, which premiered exclusively on WorldStarHipHop, features Bregoli lip-synching along to the track, and is not remarkable at all (like the track, which feels like contrived, stereotypical hip-hop). It's nowhere near as hot as the remix of "Cash Me Ousside." While the people who made the video are calling it a "top secret art experiment," Refinery29 (who were first to report the Insta hack and later corrected themselves, saying that the whole thing was a PR stunt), "wouldn't call the video 'art,'" and we agree. When your meme-schemes to "hit the viral button" on your music video are exposed, what can you do?

On a side note, Bregoli's fifteen minutes ended in early February after her second appearance on Dr. Phil. Is the Cash Me Ousside girl struggling to maintain a relevance she should no longer have?

Howbow dah? Let us know your thoughts on 'Juvy,' Danielle Bregoli, and failed viral marketing ploys in the comments below! And stay tuned to Popdust for more viral news.