More Community Chest Than Chance: The Video for Danny Brown's "Monopoly"

You're probably at least slightly familiar with Danny Brown by now—the Detroit mixtape favorite with the high-pitched voice who's guested on tracks by Das Racist and Black Milk and made waves with his songs sampling such indie favorite (and not generally hip hop favorite) artists as Brian Eno and This Heat. Well, he's getting ready for his close-up, and the video for XXX mixtape cut "Monopoly" is a pretty good start, an off-kilter (often visually literally) clip showcasing Brown's irascible charm and old-school appeal—throughout, the picture is kep fuzzy in a way that no TV you've actually watched in at least a decade has been. And of course—thankfully—there's plenty of the classic titular board game. ("When I monopolize I'm a throw yo ass off the boardwark," he brags at one point in the song.)

Brown, whose XXX was named SPIN's #1 rap album of the year, will have plenty of competition from folks like A$AP ROCKY, Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar for the honors of hip-hop's breakout star of 2012, but he's proving that he's definitely worth mentioning in the conversation. We expect things.

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