If your attention has lapsed since "Like a G6"--in a few ways, an alternate-universe of "Party Rock Anthem"--you might not realize how decent-to-good Dev's solo material is. After all, "G6" sampled from it ("Booty Bounce"); there's got to be something there. What's there, in fact, is an album: The Night the Sun Came Up, out September 20. And now it has both album art and a tracklisting! At once!

We've noted how many trends the "In the Dark" video harnessed, and this art is just as good, albeit in a different, more craftsy way. In just one picture, you have doodles, faux-collage probably carried out in Photoshop, Dev's outfit looking like it was assembled paper-doll style, and a general sense of whimsy. All that's missing are birds! (We kid. Sort of. And that is one heck of a dress.) As far as the tracklisting, it's anyone's guess. The singles are back-loaded, but there've also only been two, "Bass Down Low" and "In the Dark." At least one thing's intriguing us--whatever could be in Dev's trunk?


1. Getaway

2. In My Trunk

3. Me

4. Breathe

5. Take Her From You

6. Lightspeed

7. Dancing Shoes

8. Perfect Match

9. Bass Down Low

10. Kiss My Lips

11. In The Dark

12. Shadows

13. Killer (iTunes Exclusive)