Justin Bieber now has five No. 1 albums. This is impressive for any number of reasons, perhaps first and foremost because nobody as young as Bieber has ever notched five No. 1 albums—see you in the rearview, Miley Cyrus—and because he's done it while being an active recording artist for less than a full presidential term, having released his first single in May 2009. But perhaps the most impressive thing about Bieb having five chart-topping LPs is this: He's only ever released two albums, really, '10's My World 2.0 and last year's Believe.

So how do you get three more No. 1 albums then you have albums proper? Well, Bieb has debuted on top with a soundtrack slash remix collection (2011's Never Say Never: The Remixes), a Christmas album (2012's Under the Mistletoe) and now, an acoustic album, Believe Acoustic. Bieber's acoustic re-recording of eight songs off his Believe album, along with just three new tracks (including "Yellow Raincoat" and "Nothing Like Us") sold an incredible 211k copies last week, enough to give the Bieb an easy fifth chart-topper. To put that number in perspective a little, that's more than Chris Brown, Usher, Ke$ha and Bruno Mars all sold in their first weeks with LPs of all-new material were  in 2012.

So what's left for Justin to do to keep racking up chart-toppers without having to worry about actually recording a new album? Plenty! For example, there's...

  • Justin Bieber: The Duets. Obvious and easy. Call up a bunch of Bieber's peers and "influences" you never even knew he had (Kris Kristofferson was the inspiration behind "Somebody to Love"? Sure!) and get them to trade verse and sing harmony on a bunch of Justin's old hits—hell, it worked for Lionel Richie. Of course, if you don't want to waste the phone minutes calling all those celebrities, you could always just do...
  • Justin Bieber Re-Records the Classics. Did you ever wanna hear what "One Time" would sound like as sung by a post-pubescent Bieber? Of course you do! Listen to the now-mature Bieb update his teenage classics with his newfound veteran's vocal maturity. Maybe he'll even do a country version of "Eenie Meenie"!
  • Justin Bieber: This One's for the Children. But of course, no one wants to make it seem like Bieber's turning his back on the kids, so maybe he does an album specifically for his pre-teen fans, covering "Baby Beluga" and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" or whatever it is that kids too young to understand "swag, swag, swag on you" are into these days.
  • Justin Bieber: The Guest Verses. Soon, Bieb will have enough appearances on the records of others to release a compilation of them, including such classics as Chris Brown's "Ladies Love Me" and Maejor Ali's "Lolly." If even this goes to number one, then you'll know for a fact that Bieber is just straight-up undeniable.
  • Justin Bieber: The Greatest Hits. Duh. We're pretty sure this is coming out next week, actually. Three weeks, tops.