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Premiere: Morgan St. Jean Plucks The Heartstrings With "Out Of Love"

The piano ballad is one of the year's biggest and most important moments.

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Pop newcomer Morgan St. Jean's entire life has lead to this moment. Armed with a songwriting journal when she was a wide-eyed and inquisitive 9-year-old--a life-changing Christmas gift from her parents--she has developed into one of the finest storytellers of today's pop music. Her voice is even more powerful, especially when left to the devices of piano's harrowing and commanding vantage point. Her new single "Out of Love" is a bare-bones, emotionally-monumental timepiece, in which she reflects on a former lover, the pain of needing to move on and feeling like a ghost clutching onto the past. "I don't want to watch you fall out of love with me. I don't need to have you. I'm not going to steal you but I don't want to watch you fall out of love. I don't want to see you whisper 'baby, oh you look so perfect.' Watch you leaving with her, you both deserve it," she coos in the song--which premieres exclusively today.

"Out of Love" follow Jean's most recent release, "Reckless Heart," a moody, rhythmic and more layered production.

On "Out of Love," she shares with Popdust, "This is one of the most personal and intimate songs I've ever written. It's about realizing for the first time that love ends. Realizing that it is not indestructible. It is not unbreakable. And no matter how strong you think a love can end."

Last year, St. Jean graduated from the Popular Music Program at the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music, and her career quickly began to catapult. Following the release of "Addicted," which has collected more than 65,000 plays on Soundcloud to-date, the upstart dropped her second official single, "Drown," and began to get the attention of legends, including David Foster and Randy Newman (one of the greatest songwriters of all time). As a result, her live performances began to cause a stir, propelling her further into stardom. She's had the fortunate opportunity to perform the National Anthem at various sporting events, as well as perform (with a full-band in tow) at such venues as The House of Blues Voodoo Lounge, The Witzend, and Amplyfi Music.

Over the next several months, St. Jean has a string of more must-hear jams coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned for her next revolutionary footsteps; meanwhile, Popdust is totally perched for a full-length album. "I love telling stories. I think that we as human beings are so unique and complex so I write to try and figure us out. Why do we hurt people that we love? Why do we hold on to things that we know aren't good for us? How can we love someone else so much that we lose ourselves?" she ponders. "I tell my own stories as a way of processing things that I think most people go through. I think all of the crazy contradictions that we experience are part of the beautiful disaster that is humanity and I love getting to explore that."

Listen to "Out of Love" below:


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