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Looking back at Marvel's most memorable post-credits scenes

Which ones stand out before Guardians 2 brings a fresh crop?

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From comedic relief to tense cliffhangers Marvel has had a host of memorable post-credit scenes

There's no denying Marvel has changed the game when it comes to the modern blockbuster, including the way we view the credits. For years now Marvel has been incentivizing audiences to resist running to the bathroom once the movie's over with one final laugh or a teaser for the next MCU film. With James Gunn announcing today that the next Marvel feature Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 would feature an all time high of five post-credits scenes , this got us curious to look back at some of the most memorable Marvel post-credits scenes. Refresh yourself on these past scenes before Guardians 2 arrives in a few weeks.

Most Important- Iron Man (2008)

It's hard to believe now, but there was a time where no one knew for certain if people would turn out to see Marvel Studios debut in 2008 with Jon Favreau's Iron Man. Yet the studio was already confident enough to tease its bigger aspirations from the first film, announcing it to audiences with a surprise guest. While the franchise has certainly evolved since that first film, without that tease of their grand plans, who knows how different the MCU could've been.

Most Villainous Tease- Thor (2011)

While many of the teases have hinted at darker cliffhangers to be revealed in the next films, but among the darker teases came at the end of Thor when Professor Selvig was revealed to be under the control of Loki as he gained access to the all powerful Tesseract. Though we'd find out how thing's would fare in the following year's Avengers, it's hard to not still view the tease as one of the creepier post credit scenes Marvel's offered.

Most Delightfully Random- Iron Man 3 (2013)

Reframing the entire film as a story being relayed to Tony's buddy Bruce Banner, the post credit scene adds almost nothing substantial to the MCU franchise or the film currently standing as Tony Stark's last standalone film. But who doesn't enjoy a glimpse into the friendship between these two superhero geniuses or a profoundly bored Mark Ruffalo?

Most Niche Reference- Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

While he has his fans, there aren't many people who clamoring for a Howard the Duck cameo. The obscure Marvel character best known for starring in a disastrous movie adaptation during the 80's wasn't expected to show up in the MCU and hasn't really factored into the franchise since. Still it's hard not to enjoy the random appearance of the sarcastic anthropomorphized duck in the final moments of one of Marvel's biggest hits.

Biggest Disappointment- Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Look, The Avengers sequel probably gets a harsher rap than it deserves. Expectations were high and despite being overstuffed, there were still some great moments for the team. But even the most diehard fan has to admit that this scene was a bit weak, especially when Big-Bad Thanos had only done the menacing cameo thing three years earlier in the original Avengers. Maybe we'll have a different opinion of things once we actually see Thanos, but at the moment it definitely ranks towards the bottom.

Best Sequel Set-Up- Ant-Man (2015)

While post-credit scenes have generally been utilized to set up different franchises within the MCU, 2015's Ant-Man used one of its teasers to tease a team up between Paul Rudd's affable Scott Lang and Evangeline Lily's no-nonsense Hope Van Dyne as she was bestowed a suit of her own by her father Hank Pym. While we're still a few years from the series' next film Ant-Man and the Wasp, I like many others are ready to see this duo in action.

Funniest Foreshadowing- Doctor Strange (2016)

While many Post Credit scenes have teased specific films such as Captain America: The First Avenger teased The Avengers and Ant-Man featured a scene from Captain America: Civil War, generally these scenes go for the ominous thing. Instead the clip coming at the end of last November's Sorcerer Supreme origin story gave a goofy preview of a Doctor Strange-Thor meeting in Thor: Ragnarok. While it's not clear exactly how prominently Cumberbatch's character will feature in the Thor threequel, watch this team up be teased left many excited for whatever comes next.

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